Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday Noah!

On Saturday we made another trip to Buffalo.

First, we went to my Mom's and had a nice brunch that they made. We hung out a little bit and then headed to my friend Megan's house for her son's 5th birthday.

It's so crazy to think he's 5....because him and Avery are only 8 weeks apart. It's hard for me to think that MY daughter is going to be 5 already.

They did a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle theme for the party and it was super cute!

One of the games they had was throwing ninja turtle balls into bins to get points. Cassandra wanted nothing to do with it until everyone was done-then she wanted to play!
And Cass had a ball playing in Leigha's toddler bed with her!
We had some food and then it was present time!

Yes Avery is wearing a Rapunzel dress-she came all decked out!
Megan's Dad was an art teacher and made this really cool thing for the kids to put their heads through-it turned out amazing!

Then it was cake time!
We ended up staying until most everyone was gone-the kids were having so much fun playing together!  We had a great time!

Happy Birthday Noah!!

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