Sunday, June 21, 2015

Turning 6-Party #1!

Avery's 6th Birthday is next weekend. She wanted a party with some of her classmates so we gave her a few options of where to have it.

Surprisingly, she chose a pool party at a local Rec center. We had never been there, but the place was pretty darn cool!

Lazy River
As you can see from the photos, there was a splash park, water slide and lazy river area. There was a larger pool as well (looked like for lap swimming) but we never went in it.

Avery ended up with 9 kids coming, which was the perfect amount! About half of the parents stayed too, which was helpful.
Avery and Cassie
We had the first hour as swim time and the kids really loved it.

Then it was up to the party room for food, cake and gifts. We did the party at an "off" time of day so all we did was snacks, which made it super easy!

Avery We decided this year that instead of gifts, we would have each kid bring a donation to a local animal shelter instead. She really doesn't need anymore toys and since she wanted a cat themed party, I thought this was a good idea. We had a lot of good feedback on it as well-the kids loved shopping for the animals!

After she opened gifts, we did cake!

Singing "Happy Birthday"

Make a wish!
Before they all left, we got a quick group photo!
And I found a woman locally who makes amazing cookies! She made us these for favors to give each kid! So freakin' adorable!
After we got home, I took a picture of Avery with all of the donations she collected! We'll be taking them to the animal shelter very soon! I'm so proud of her!
One party down, one to go next weekend!

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