Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Noah!

While we were in Buffalo on Sunday, we had a birthday party to attend!

Noah turned 3!!

They had a kids party at Adventure Landing (aka Putt-Putt)-brought me back to the days when Megan and I used to work there-and here we are attending her son's party there! 

Of course as we pulled up, we saw his name on the marquee!

Once all of the kids got there, they all got their mini golf clubs and golf balls and we headed outside for a nice group photo:
It was a riot watching all of the little ones....most of them were just hitting the ball however and wherever and would pick it up with their hands and plop it into the hole! It was so funny!

Avery has never played before so this was her very first shot:
Look at my little trend-setter on the green....sporting her dress and sunglasses-the kid cracks me up!

This is how she swung at the ball....it was funny!
She would hit it once then would pick it up with her hand and put it right next to the hole then try hitting it in with the club. Hey, whatever works, right?!
After golf, the kids all went inside for some pizza and then it was time for cake!

Everyone singing "Happy Birthday!"

Blowing out the candles!

After cake, it was time for presents!
Once presents were done, the kids got a bunch of tokens to go wild in the game room! Avery had a lot of fun and won 350 tickets!! She cashed them in and got a huge bouncy ball, a tiny bouncy ball, a bracelet, 2 tattoos and some lollipops....girlfriend was happy!

Before we left she gave Noah a big birthday hug (and kiss!!) and they posed for the cameras!
After the party we stopped back at my Mom's real fast and then we were on our way home shortly after.

Happy Birthday Noah!!

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