Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Unofficial Start of Summer

Memorial Day....the unofficial start of summer....

Here and gone already!

One thing I will say....it sure felt like summer! It was very hot and humid all weekend long....loved it!

Saturday we met Gabe's parents at the public market. We did our usual shopping then visit at the coffee shop. Avery is all about the coffee shop. We weren't shopping very long and all she wanted to do was "go for coffee." It was pretty funny!  That evening, we went to Panera for dinner and ate outside since it was nice out. Then we stopped and got some ice cream too! Yum!

Sunday we went to Buffalo. We went on the late side since Cassandra decided to take a two hour nap in the morning! I actually woke her up because I didn't want to leave too late and when I went in her room, I found her like this:
So sweet!

We got to my Mom's and again it was hot outside. We got Avery in her bathing suit and she tried out a new sprinkler that my Mom bought her. Her water pressure is pretty crappy so I don't think it did what it was supposed to do, but Avery still had fun playing in it!

Yes she has a little butt cheek hangin' out!

My Mom's neighbor and her little boy stopped over to see the girls for awhile and my friend Renee also came by for awhile. We had a nice cookout for dinner then got ready to head out. 

Avery was wearing this lei on her head for most of the day which was cute:

And we were trying to get Cassandra to laugh:
look at those little thighs!

Monday we went to Gabe's parents house for a cookout which was nice. We had dinner at their "old" house and dessert at their "new" house (they're in the process of renovating and moving).

Here are both girls in their cute dresses:
And with their cousins, Owen and Bianca:
I hope you all had a wonderful unofficial start to your summer! I know we did!

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