Saturday, October 11, 2014


Last weekend we went for our annual trip to pick some apples. The farm we typically go to had on their website that pickings were slim due to a high volume of people (it was in the 70s and sunny for quite a few days). So we looked into some other options and tried out a new place this year.

I have a feeling we'll be headed back there again!

The girls were ready to pick some apples, although not totally dressed for the weather (we always screw that up somehow!).
We took a hayride/tractor ride out to the orchards and were given the rundown-what apples were where, what veggies to pick, etc.

Then we got started:

We ended up with a huge bag of apples!  They also had raspberries to pick so we I did that as well. The girls were more into the stuff to play with so I did the berry picking while Gabe took them to the "fun stuff".  Then we hit up the store there which has TONS of cool stuff (those farm stores always do, don't they?!)-spices, mixes, pasta, snacks, baked goods. Yeah, we bought a lot of yummy stuff from there!  The girls had some ice cream and doughnuts for a snack and we headed home to make a batch of applesauce! YUM!
Not happy for some reason-doughnut face!

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