Sunday, October 5, 2014

Girls Weekend!

Last weekend we had a very nice girls only getaway!

After some thinking, we went to Niagara-on-the-Lake. It originally started with us going to Camp Gorham again, but a lot of people who initially showed interest backed out when we needed to mail in our money/forms. Gabe suggested maybe we try somewhere else-NOTL or Toronto. So I brought it up to the crew and we finally settled on NOTL! 

I did tons of searching and somehow we fell upon a bed and breakfast that was completely empty for the weekend! There was 5 of us going up Friday night and 7 of us on Saturday night so we really needed 3 bedrooms. I found out that the B&B was booked but all of the rooms happened to cancel on the day I did my searching! So I held all of the rooms for us and within a few days, booked it! It worked out really nice too!

So Friday late afternoon, 5 of us (Molly, my Mother-in-Law, cousin, Aunt and I) drove up to NOTL and checked in to the B&B. This was my bedroom:
with attached bath:
It was around 6:30 when we got there so we found a place for dinner then came back and just hung out and went to bed. 

Saturday we were up and had a wonderful breakfast-fruit salad with yogurt and granola, homemade croissants, mini omelettes, potatoes, and bacon! We were stuffed! We walked the neighborhood for a short time while we waited for our other 2 guests (Megan and Renee) to arrive. Once they got there, we had a super busy day!!

First, we hit the main drag and did some shopping:
which included ice cream....
Megan, Renee, and I
We met up around 2pm and headed to a winery for a wine tour. The place was HUGE!
Chateau des Charmes


After the wine tour (and tasting!), we went to a huge peanut shop in NOTL and stocked up on snacks to bring home. Then we went to the new outlet mall there which was pretty nice!! It was so nice to go shopping with my friends-we were laughing saying "when was the last time we shopped together?" because truly it's been so long. And we had no kids to distract or lug around. It was pretty nice and brought back some fun memories for us. We shopped there for about 2 hours then headed back to the house. We found another restaurant nearby that we walked to for a pretty late dinner.
Aunt Elaine, Molly, Gabrielle

Me, Megan, Renee

The crew (minus my Mother-in-Law)
Once we got home, we just hung out and chatted for awhile before getting to bed. This was a cute little sign they had at the entrance to the B&B:
Sunday morning we were up for another super yummy breakfast-fruit with granola and yogurt, homemade scones, blueberry french toast, sausage. Delish!

Megan and Renee hit the road after breakfast and the rest of us went into town for a little more browsing.  We hit the road close to 2pm. Unfortunately we hit some bad traffic at the border and we sat in line for about an hour and 15min. So our trip home was quite lengthly.  But, we had a really great time and I think it was a nice break for all of us to get away from our kids for a few days!
Hopefully we can figure out something like this again for next year!

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