Monday, September 16, 2013

Camp Gorham

Over the weekend, I went on a little getaway!

My Sister-in-law recruited myself, our Aunt and Cousin to go on a women's adventure weekend at Camp Gorham in the Adirondacks. I was looking forward to a weekend getaway, but of course it was hard to leave my kids for 2 nights...I've never been away from them longer than 24hrs!  It had to be done eventually, so I took the opportunity!

We left around 11:30am on Friday and arrived at camp a little after 3pm.  We checked in and got our cabin assignment and went to unload our goods. Upon check-in, we were also given a list of activities they had so we were eager to take a look at that too!

We were in the Cedar cabin:
It had 4 bedrooms....3 of them slept 4 people and 1 room slept 2 people. There were the 4 of us, 2 girls across the hall, 2 women down the hall and a woman by herself. So we weren't at capacity. There was a bathroom with double sinks, 2 toilets and 1 shower (that sort of sucked-1 shower for 9 women!). There was also a small kitchen and living area complete with a wood burning stove. And there was a nice porch off of the back of the cabin.
Our bedroom
After we unloaded, we walked around a bit-this was the lake we were on, Darts Lake. When we got there it was pretty drizzly out-sort of a misty rain most of the night.
Along our walk, some women flagged us down to their room and they had quite the party going on-lots of food, booze and music! They were in the lodge which is a newer building, but their rooms slept 12 people, which is a lot to share a room with!
After our walk, we did a wine tasting that they held and had dinner. Then we went to the campfire they had which was fun-the staff all sang songs and stuff so it was a good time.

Saturday we got up and walked to breakfast. It was a beautiful morning, although still a bit chilly.
Doesn't the lake look beautiful?

The Lodge
After breakfast, I went to a Zumba class, a yoga class, then had a massage done (heaven!). Then it was lunch time. After lunch, I showered and we decided to try out some mountain biking! They had a bunch of things going on at once, so we had to choose what we wanted to do. We went and got our gear:
Me, Gabrielle, Molly
and were on our way! Let's just say that mountain biking is pretty hard and pretty scary at times! It makes you appreciate the psychos that fly down some of those hills! Wow! Along the way, we came to an inlet so we took some pics-it was really pretty!


Molly, Myself, Gabrielle
On the way back, we stopped to take a look at the camp chapel. It's right on the lake and so peaceful.
When we got back from our ride, we walked to the "Pamper Pole" to see if anyone was trying it. If you look below, you climb the ladder and then climb up the middle (shorter) telephone pole. Then once at the top, you jump to a trapeze. thanks! We saw a few women do it and it was pretty amazing!
We also attended a nutrition class, which was more like a cooking demo. They made a soup which was really yummy! Then we went on the jumping pillow before dinner. Let's just say that I learned very quickly that I can't do this thing (TMI Warning!)...every time I jumped I felt like I was peeing-thank you children! I'll now cross that activity off of my list of things to try! I was bummed about that because it was actually fun! Damn kids :)
After dinner we just relaxed. We were all so tired and didn't sleep well the night before. So we hung out in the cabin, built a fire and read some books.

Sunday Molly and Gabrielle woke up to do a sunrise kayaking at 7am. Since I was awake, I went out around 7:40 to take a look. This is what the lake looked like! Yep, that's all fog! So much for watching them!
Can you barely see the kayakers below?
We walked up to get some coffee and on our way back, the fog was starting to lift:
We headed over to the Zipline. I really wanted to do it until we got there. Then I realized you had to climb a 50ft rock wall before you zipline! I've never climbed a rock wall and I really am afraid of heights. I should have done it, but I was a wuss and just watched. Molly did it though:

Molly ready to zip!

After the zipline, we had a yummy breakfast. Then we headed to the cabin to pack up our stuff. We left around 11am to head home. Before we hit the road, we took a group shot at the cabin!
Molly, Aunt Elaine, Gabrielle, and I
We really had a good time! The food was fantastic and the activities were a lot of fun! Of course we didn't sleep very well, but I sort of expected that. We definitely learned a few things of what to bring next time, etc. They also have another camp on Keuka lake that we talked about checking out as well. Hopefully next year we can recruit a few more gals to go with us!!

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