Monday, September 23, 2013

Twenty Months Old!

Today Cassandra is 20 months old-how the time is flying!

Cassandra is wearing mostly 12 or 18 month clothes now. A lot of the 18 month pants are way too long on her though! And she has the problem that Avery has where she needs tight waistbands or the pants/shorts/skirts just fall right off of her!  She finally bumped up to size 4 diapers for during the day. She's still in 4's overnight too. She's wearing a size 5 shoe now.

She is still sleeping well-rarely wakes up overnight and taking a decent afternoon nap. We've had a few rough nights here and there where she doesn't want to go to bed. Either she's realizing it's more fun to be awake or she's overtired...not sure, but we've had a few nights of her crying herself to sleep lately. Naptime is usually pretty easy with no crying, thankfully!

Cassandra's eating is still sporadic. She's definitely in the toddler way of eating-picky one day, not picky the next. I'd say her favorites are still yogurt, fruit (loves bananas), pasta and this month she has really been liking cereal with milk. I can't think of anything new she's tried, but we usually give her whatever we're eating to start with and go from there.

I feel like I'm slacking keeping track of her new words. She literally repeats everything so I have no idea what's new and what isn't anymore! She just never stops talking!  Some new ones for sure: "have fun", "thone" (phone), "I got it", "raining", "jacket", "yucky", "no more", "mirror", "another one", "more please", "cupcake", "sprinkling", "clap", "mornin' Avery". She also yelled at her doll...pointed her finger at her and said "sit down!" That was pretty funny! She sings the "everybody clean up" song, parts of "rock a bye baby" and "pat-a-cake". For animal sounds, she definitely does cow, horse, pig, sheep, monkey, lion, elephant, snake, dog, cat, chicken, duck.

One big milestone this month was that Cassandra started at daycare with Avery!  She has done really, really well! She cried the first 3 times she went and no tears since! She really seems to enjoy it there and randomly will talk about her friends and teachers when we're at home. I know Avery loves having her there and keeps an eye on her too, which is so great!

Here are her pics this month. We did them a day late because someone wasn't being very cooperative for me. And I took them after her bath, hence the diaper only shots!

My faves:
Yelling "Cheese!"

My little jack-o-lantern!
Flashback to Avery at 20 months!

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