Saturday, September 28, 2013

Apple Picking!

It was the perfect day to be outside today! Especially around here being so close to October...sunny and in the 70's?! Gotta take advantage of that!

After Cassandra's nap, we decided to go apple picking! I've been wanting to go for a few weeks now, but every free day that we have has been rainy. Until today!

We went to a local apple farm (which we went to 2yrs ago as well) and rode the tractor out to the fields. They were picking a few kinds-empire, macoun, Cortland, Spartan.  We went right for the macouns and cortlands since those are my favorites! 

Shortly after getting there, I handed Cassandra an apple and she went to town on it!

And of course, once Avery saw, she wanted in on the action too!
Cassandra didn't pick much at all...she mainly followed me around eating the entire time! Once she figured out that the apples came from the tree and that she could eat it, she would take 1-2 bites, throw the apple on the ground and yell "another one!" Little stinker!
Avery had a lot of fun I think. The macouns just opened up for picking today so there was a ton of them. Some were pretty low so she could reach them herself.  We tried getting some cortlands, but they were very picked over so we didn't get any at all.
And the scenery there is so pretty-especially with the nice blue skies!

Cass and I (yep, she's still eating!)
I tried to get a shot of both girls, but ya know how that goes....

On our way out, we picked up some cider to take home and that was it! I think we ended up with about 17lbs of apples or so-not too shabby!  On to make some applesauce now! YUM!

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