Monday, September 26, 2011

Fun at the Farm

On Saturday, we had a playdate with Avery's friend Josie and her Mom! We had an idea to go apple picking but waited to see how the weather would be. Luckily, the weather cooperated and we were able to go!

We've taken Avery apple picking the past two years at different places. The first year we went to Whittier Fruit Farm and last year we went to Green Acres. Lisa suggested a new place this year, the Victor Apple Farm so we decided to go and check it out!

We got to ride on a tractor out to the apple orchards. Here is Avery on Gabe's lap on the tractor:

She actually loved the tractor ride. When we took her strawberry picking in the summer, she wasn't too thrilled with the idea (cried when we got on, etc.), but this time she jumped right on and was all smiles!

They made two stops-the first was to pick red delicious and mcintosh apples. The second was for cortlands and macouns. We opted to skip the first stop since none of us like red delicious and I'm a HUGE fan of both cortlands and macouns.

And when we got off, the scenery was beautiful!

Can you imagine how pretty it'll be when the leaves start to change?!

Avery and Josie got right to work picking the apples and Josie started snacking on one right away:

(I'm loving her skinny jeans and pigtails-adorable!)

Here's Avery picking an apple:

Josie and her Mom:

Gabe and Avery (eating apple #1):

We picked cortlands first, and before starting the macouns, we stopped for a quick family photo:

The girls enjoying their apples (#2 for Avery):
Avery really got a kick out of picking the apples. And here, the trees were low enough that she could reach some all by herself, which she just loved!

We tried getting the girls to pose together, but Avery wasn't being very cooperative. I love this picture of Josie in front of the macoun sign-look at that little attitude-so cute!

Showing off her apple:
After getting our fill of apples, we got back on the tractor to ride back. Then we explored the little store there and paid for our apples. We all picked up some doughnuts and cider too!! We sat out at a picnic table for a little snack. The girls loved the doughnuts and cider! Here's Josie making her doughnut face:
And Avery making her doughnut face:
And one more family photo (can you tell the sun was in our eyes?!):
We were there a good two hours and had a really great time. The girls had a lot of fun and Avery talked about it all day long! It was a great day for it too!!

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