Wednesday, September 7, 2011

20 Weeks-baby #2

I'm officially at the halfway point!!

How I'm feeling/sleeping: As far as the nausea, much better. My sinus thing is gone now too so I'm somewhat back to normal. I'm feeling HUGE lately though-definitely in the past week or so. I'm already getting out of breath really easily and my back has started bothering me more when I sleep now. I'm just not comfortable lately. Gabe said last night "You're not enjoying this pregnancy are you?!" and it's not that I'm not enjoying it, it's just a totally different experience. When I'm tired and just want to put my feet up, I really don't have that option. It's hard feeling huge and uncomfortable when you have a 2yr old to chase around. And I noticed last night that my ankles are starting to swell...lovely. I thought it would hold out a little longer this time!

Appointments/events: None-I go next week for my appointment and the "big" ultrasound.

Cravings/Aversions: Food is more appealing to me now. I will still say that some things sound better than others. I have been eating my fair share of sweets again so I'm back to my "old self" as far as that goes. Still not wanting my oatmeal or peanut butter at all. I will say that I've been loving cereal this pregnancy though. I typically eat it most weekdays (then having something like eggs/oatmeal/pancakes on weekends) but since being pregnant, I eat it everyday for breakfast.

Movement: Yep! Several times a day. It's very unpredictable though. Gabe hasn't felt the baby move yet (he did with Avery by now) because I'll feel it once or twice, then nothing for a few hours. With Avery it was more like I'd feel her 10 times in a row. With this one, once I feel it, it stops!

Avery's thoughts: She's still pretty adament that this child is a girl. If she's wrong, who knows what she'll think!

As far as clothing goes, I've worn a few maternity shirts just because I need the length in them. I still haven't crossed over in pants yet-but it'll be any day now!

Here are some photos. The ones in the pink shirt are from today. The grey shirt is with Avery at 21 weeks...big difference in these pics!

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