Monday, September 12, 2011

Potty Training-Day 2

Saturday was Day 2 of potty training for us (or maybe day 1 since day 1 was only a half day?).

Avery woke up and as soon as I went in her room she said "my underwear." She was very excited to get them back on again! I brought her downstairs and let her pick out the ones she wanted to wear again.

We had breakfast and played a lot-again with me right by her side and giving reminders every few minutes. She was up a little after 8 and was a camel again-I don't think she peed until after 11!

Her and I were out in the kitchen and she started to pee. I ran her to the toilet and she got a very tiny dribble in the toilet. We celebrated that and she got a reward!

After that incident, she realized she could easily take her undies off-so she stripped herself down naked. The 3 day program emphasizes them keeping their underwear on, but I didn't see the harm in it for a little bit. Maybe a half hour later she started grabbing at herself so I said "Avery let me know when you need to go potty" and she sort of grunted and I took her to the potty. And sure enough, she peed! She got another reward and was super excited then. It sort of became a game and she just kept running to the bathroom to see if she could get any pee out to get a reward. She ended up peeing a total of three times on the potty before naptime!

I put her diaper on her for nap and she slept just fine.

After nap, as soon as I got her she asked about her underwear again and all day she was so excited and kept saying "I went pee pee on the potty!" Of course we called Daddy (he was getting his haircut) and Grandma to beef up the praise!

Undies went back on after her nap and she didn't take them off this time. At one point we were playing in our back family room and she started to pee so I ran her to the bathroom. It was the biggest pee ever and none made it in the toilet-but she left a nice pee trail from the family room all the way to the bathroom and a nice puddle on the bathroom floor!

Later in the evening she had another accident. Gabe was out mowing the lawn and she was watching him through the front door and started to pee. So I took her to the bathroom, but none of it made it in the toilet.

You're probably wondering about pooping. She pretty much poops on a daily basis. When we started on Friday, she pooped that morning and when she woke up from nap so it was all before we started undies. Saturday she didn't poop at all which is unusual for her.

Oh and for rewards....the first time she went on the potty I gave her a sticker. Honestly, it didn't phase her much. So I bumped it up a notch. Avery is very food-driven and loves "treats" so now when she pees, she gets a tiny piece of chocolate (equivalent to 2 M&Ms I'm guessing). This of course gets her very excited!

So for today....naked she's 3 for 3 on the potty but with underwear she's 0 for 3.

We'll see what day 3 brings!


tab890 said...

I'm so proud of you sticking to your 3 day rule!
My cousin did the 3 day rule as well, but put her daughter on the toilet every hour on the hour, I don't know if its the same program, but she was trained by the end of one week!
My daughter is starting to have the same signs as yours is. She tells me she went poopoo and I check her diaper she insists on having off and its just pee. I feel like we might be ready, but she's also not quite 2 (will be in November) and I'm curious if thats too early.

Questions for you :)

1. During nap/bed you always use a diaper? I thought I had read in your prev. message that you purge the diapers, but is that just for normal wake time or is it typically for nap/sleep and wake time?
2. Do you use a training potty or do you use a seat on a regular toilet?
3. Is it typical for a child to have better potty habits when they are naked? It seems like A is doing well without any undies and with undies are when the accidents happen? Just conicidence or no?

Thank you for your advice, we bought a potty for our toilet and we've got a step stool, we're just not sure how to introduce this whole next step!

Nicole said...

Sounds similar but not the same. This program does not want you to put them on the potty at set intervals-you leave it all up to the child.
For your answers
1. Yes we use a diaper at nap/bed. In the program they want the child to literally throw away every diaper you have in the house. They also say if over the age of 24mo they should be waking up dry-which Avery is NOT even close to that. So I skipped purging diapers so I can use them at nap/bed. It was either throw them all away and buy pull-ups or just use what we had on hand and save some money.
2.We have both a training potty and a potty seat insert for the regular toilet. She has peed on both, but usually has chosen the regular toilet with insert over the potty seat.
3. Not sure-I've heard of letting kids run naked a few days as a method of training too, but was afraid that once we did put undies on that she would still pee in them. So after the hour or two that she was naked, I really made her keep them on so she got used to them!

Nicole said...

I also wanted to add that the author of the program says that 22mos is the ideal age to you might not be too early!