Thursday, September 29, 2011


Gabe has been to the house quite a bit this week. He took a bunch of pictures so I had him email me a few so that I could update on here. I just don't know when I'll make it to the house again, so I figured it would be nice to put some new pictures up when I can!!

Basically all of the big stuff is done and now we're down to the little details-the things that make a house a home. And let me tell you, seeing this makes it feel that much more real to me. I can't wait to see it in person-it has to be gorgeous! I'm hoping next week I can make it out there to check things out!

So here is our family room-the paint is all done now! You can see they put in the stone and mantle around where the fireplace is. The built-ins are all done-the TV will be going on the right hand side. Love it! This has me so excited-the kitchen!! It was so hard to picture it since it was such an open space, but now it's really taking shape! All of the cabinets are officially in place-they just have to finish up the island. it! Another view of the kitchen-this is where the fridge will go:
And the start of the island-the space is where the dishwasher will be.
Cabinets are also in in the bathrooms, but I don't have a photo of them yet. I'm pretty sure they're starting our tile work soon too-so that means the bathrooms will be almost complete!!

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