Sunday, October 2, 2011

Our Weekend

Our weekend was nice and it was a little busy with some random stuff.

Saturday we all went to the place to look at granite for our new house. It ended up being a waste of a trip (with all of us outside freezing in the rain) so that was disappointing, but at least we found a few that we might consider. Once we got Avery down for a nap, I ran to Carter's (had $10 I had to spend that day) then went grocery shopping. After I got everything put away, I started frosting cakes for a family function on Sunday. When Avery got up, we all went to some furniture stores to try and get some ideas for Avery's new bedroom. Then we stopped at Moe's and had a quick bite to eat before heading home. It was a late night for Avery-we didn't get home until around 8:30 which is when we try to put her down for bed.

Today we didn't do too much this morning. Gabe had to run to the tile store to pick out the grout for all of the tile work at the new house. When he got home, I ran to another furniture store to look around real fast. Avery unfortunately didn't take a nap, so when I got home we headed out to our cousin's house for our annual clam bake. We got there probably around 3:30 and it seemed as though everyone had eaten already, so we ate pretty much when we got there. Relaxed, visited, and ate way too much.

I was on cake duty-we had 2 birthdays we were celebrating so these are what I brought:

We got home, gave Avery a bath and got her to bed early-I think she was actually asleep by 8, which is good for her!

I had to add in a few pics of Avery from earlier this week. We were getting her ready for bed and she still (sometimes) wears a sleep sack. Well, on this particular night, she wanted her Dora doll in her sleep sack with her. It was too funny-looked like she was using a baby carrier or something! I had Gabe run and get my camera to get a few shots of her!

Look at her smile!

Oh yeah, and Happy October!

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