Sunday, October 30, 2011

Pre-Halloween Weekend

We had quite a busy weekend again! It started out with no plans, but we kept ourselves busy!

Yesterday I got up early and hit the gym for an 8am class (yep I'm nuts)-and it was packed! The most crowded class I've been to yet! I guess most people are early birds!

When I got home, we took Avery to the Strong Museum for their Halloween party. Of course when we walked in the door, she wanted to ride the horsies with Daddy! No trip is complete without a horse ride! Here she is playing with one of the train table type things:

And giving the Berenstein bears some big hugs and kisses:

Of course we had to hit up the train before we left too! Daddy rode with her since I usually get to when we go (he's usually at work):

She didn't do too many of the Halloween things they had-they had a lot of crafts set up and some games, but she really showed no interest in them. She did collect the coins they were handing out, which you then turned in to the Pirate and got a prize for. They also had a DJ and music/dancing going on that she loved-we were there for a good 20 minutes at least! She just wanted to hear the music and dance around which was cute!

After the museum she took a nap and then we all went out for dinner.

This morning Avery and I went to her friend Josie's house for a playdate. The kids both wore their costumes for awhile which was really cute. I forgot to bring my camera though so I don't have any cute pics to share! We ended up walking to the playground for a little bit and enjoyed the day outside too!

During her nap I went grocery shopping and it ended up that she didn't nap! We watched the Bills game and had maybe one of our last cookouts of the season-burgers! They turned out really good too!

And now we're just gearing up for work and Halloween tomorrow! Can't wait!

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Joelle said...

oh man the Strong looks like something Samantha would LOVE!!! I gotta get there one of these days!