Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Very Busy Saturday

Yesterday was quite a busy day for us.

We got up in the morning and got ready to take Avery to her first Halloween event of the year. The library I take her to for story time does a Fall Festival along with the town hall and police dept (their buildings are all connected). We took Avery there last year and we enjoyed it so we decided to hit it again this year.

Avery was so excited to put her costume on! When I showed it to her in the morning, she wanted it on right away. Once she finished breakfast, I got it on her and she wore it right up until naptime!

Doesn't she look adorable?! We got to the party and the first thing we saw were two characters-one was a dog named "Biscuit" and one was a cat (not sure of the name). Avery was obsessed with them-always saying "hi" when they walked by and showing them her costume. Lots of hugs and high-fives. She wasn't too fond of the cat at first (hence no photos of it) but finally gave him a high-five at the end. She loved "Biscuit" though!

Then we took her to the trick-or-treat area. They set up "houses" and you got to trick-or-treat. She got a lot of cute stuff-candy, pencils, stickers, toothbrushes, etc.

Here she is getting her first treat-her fave, M&M's!

A close up of Avery:

And a quick family shot (Avery is saying "cheese"): They had pony rides set up outside and she really wanted to go on. The line was pretty long, but we decided to wait. Thankfully when it was her turn, she actually went on! I was fearing waiting in line only for her to decide not to go on. But, she donned a helmet and got right on the pony! Taking her walk around:

Checking out her helmet:
Our last stop was in the library where they had a few animals on display. This year they brought an owl:
And a duck!
The duck actually nibbled Avery's fingers, but she just laughed at it! Then she sat down and made a fall themed wreath which turned out cute.

And that was just the start of our day!

When we got home, Gabe's parents came over to babysit Avery while we went out looking for our kitchen backsplash. Luckily we only went to one store and found something we liked so that was good! Then we got home and my Mom showed up to spend the day/night with us. Gabe and I took off again to go to a local baby furniture store that was having their tent sale this weekend. It's the same store we bought Avery's crib set from and the quality is very good so we were interested in seeing what they had. Originally we went looking to buy Avery a new bedroom set-full size bed and dressers. But we ended up just buying a new crib set and dressers for the baby. Avery's crib converts to a bed anyways and they had a great deal we couldn't pass up! So, we now have baby furniture for #2!

After shopping, we all met Gabe's parents out for dinner which was nice. Then it was home and time for Avery to get to bed. It was a super busy day for us, but a productive one at that!

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