Thursday, October 13, 2011

We're Gettin' There

Yesterday Gabe, Avery, my Mom, and I all made a visit to the house. My Mom hasn't been there in a very long time (I don't even think the siding was started yet!) so I was excited for her to see the progress in person, as opposed to her seeing the pics online. Of course I haven't been in a few weeks myself so I was anxious to see all of the new stuff as well!

I'm going to apologize for the pics-they aren't the greatest because of the lighting. There is no lighting done in the house yet, so really I'm relying on the natural light and my flash so some of them turned out a little dark. You know there will be more to come though!!

This is the mudroom area-laundry room is the far room. Tiling on the floor is done, paint is done!
This is the half bath downstairs-cabinets and floor are in!

Family room-painted, bookshelves in, fireplace installed-stone and mantle are done!

Morning room/kitchen-they were just starting the hardwoods when we were there-love them!

Kitchen-cabinets are done!

The office is now painted (Sherwin Williams Smoky Blue):

The "good" stairs are now put in and stained-they really look great!

They have part of the banister up-it's missing the spindles still.

And on to the upstairs....this is the 2nd story foyer area-I like the hardwood accent up there!

Guest bedroom:

Avery's room:

Baby's room:

Full bath upstairs-tile is all done and cabinets are installed!

Master bedroom:

Master bathroom-cabinets installed:

Master bath-jacuzzi area-floor is all done and tile is all done! I really, really love this room so far!

Our walk-in shower....they still have to install the glass wall for it, but there will be no door at all!
Close up of the tile and listello (or as I call it-the "border"):
The column of the shower:
And our hidden shelf in the shower area-so glad the tile guy suggested this! Hopefully it'll hide our shampoo bottles!
So those are the latest updates! They still have to finish the hardwoods downstairs and the carpet needs to get put in. Then the granite counters, speakers, lights and grass outside. Other than that, I'm not really sure what else has to be finished. It can't be much-we're in the last few weeks so I think they are pretty close to completion at this point! YAY!

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