Friday, October 28, 2011


I love my little girl to death, I truly do.

But lately, she has been quite the handful. Any parent would be lying if they said their child is "good" all of the time.

And the terrible two's?! Yeah, I think we're there.

We've had some days lately where I question how we're going to do this with a second one here as well. It's been very trying.

I try to be patient with her, I really do. But sometimes, it's very, very hard.

Let's just say that if we tell her "no" for anything, a meltdown/tantrum typically takes place. Even if we say, "not now, later" she still freaks out. The foot stomps, something gets thrown across the room, lots of crying....good times.

Her latest thing really has me frustrated.....getting her in the carseat.

Monday I picked her up from daycare and found out she didn't have a great day there. We walk out to my car and as soon as I open the back door, she clings to me screaming "No Mommy!" I try to put her in the seat and you would swear I was wrangling an alligator....she stiffens up, arches her back, kicks/slaps me, and contorts herself all over the place. I pulled out all of my tricks-songs, stories, my cell phone (she always takes that), bribes for candy...nothing. She somehow launched herself out of my arms and was headed face-first to the pavement. I caught her and finally lost it and yelled at her. Yeah, that didn't help. The crying just got worse, the wrangling continued, etc. Let's just say that after a HALF HOUR we were both in tears. Her because she didn't want to sit and me because I couldn't get her in her seat. I have no idea how it happened, but I finally got her in her seat and we made it home.

Let's just say that Tuesday was basically a repeat performance. The only difference? I got there later so about 4 cars of parents/kids came and went while the whole performance was going on. I even was showing her how well the other kids got in their carseats. She didn't care. The only difference was that I didn't lose it on her this time and somehow I got one leg buckled in so she was at least held in her seat. She cranked up the crying though and had herself so worked up it was like she was foaming at the mouth. I felt horrible. And I'm sure every parent that saw this going on will definitely nominate me for Mom of the year (NOT!).

Want to know the funny thing?! The whole time she's pitching a fit, she's telling me "I want to go home." I kept telling her that we can't go home until she gets in her seat. That did absolutely nothing.

Tuesday when we finally got home (a half hour later) and before exiting the car, I had a talk with her. How much she understood I have no idea. But I basically told her a few things:
1. I was sorry for getting upset with her
2. I have to get her in her seat so that she stays safe ("like Dora" she says)
3. Mommy loves you and doesn't want you to get hurt
4. Next time I want you to be a big girl and get in the seat for Mommy
I go to unlock the door of the house and come back to get her. As soon as I open the door, she goes, "Mommy, I sorry I didn't get in my seat." So...maybe the talk worked.

I will say it was one of the most frustrating situations I have been in. When you need to go somewhere (HOME!) and can't get there until she sits and having no control over her....not fun.

On a good note, she has been better since then. I was dreading picking her up on Thurs/Fri, but she did great both days. Let's hope it stays that way!

Sometimes being a parent is not an easy job. Not easy at all.

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Joelle said...

I was just logging into Blogger, when I had to put my laptop down because my little one was putting up a fight yet again at bedtime.. Ugh.. I feel the EXACT same way...I have no idea how Im gonna have MORE patience while taking care of a 2.5 year old AND a newborn? Yea right! Im with ya...