Monday, October 17, 2011

Turkey Dinner in Buffalo

Before I start what this post is about, I had to include this picture of Avery from the other day. Can I just point out how old she looks in this pic? Oh my gosh-where is my baby?! FYI-this is her eating her first cheerio treat (a rice krispy treat made with cheerios instead). She just looks so big.... And onto the post....

Yesterday we went to Buffalo for the day to visit Nama. Here's my big girl in her cute outfit:My Mom and Aunt were dying to make a turkey dinner, so they decided that yesterday was the day for it. They went all out-turkey, mashed potatoes, corn, broccoli/cauliflower, stuffing, rolls...yum! My friend Joelle, her husband Matt, daughter Samantha and her Mom JoAnne all came over to enjoy the yummy feast with us. I've mentioned before that Samantha is 8 days younger than Avery and both Joelle and I are expecting-and we're about a week apart again which is too funny!

The girls had a blast playing together and were really big into the hugs!

And Samantha shook Avery's hand which was so cute!

After dinner they got to showing off their tummies!

And on their way out, more hugs:

and kisses:

They were just too cute together!

We had a nice visit, that's for sure! And of course dinner was wonderful! Joelle brought dessert which was also amazing! We were all stuffed!!

Before we left, Avery got in her jammies and watched some Dora on Gabe's phone-her new obsession! Look how focused she is!

I'm really not sure when we'll make it to Buffalo again-our weekends have been a little crazy and with our house almost being done, it's hard to say when we'll make the trip back!

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