Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunny Saturday

Our weekend has been wonderful when it comes to the weather. You could't ask for a better weekend-sunny and mid to upper 70's both days! It was fantastic!

Our Saturday was a little odd to start. Backtracking a little, Avery didn't nap on Friday at all so we had her in bed and asleep at 8pm Friday night. She woke up at 5am screaming for us, which she hasn't done in months. So Gabe went in to see her and rocked with her for about an hour until she fell back asleep. We heard her again around 8:30am so I got up to use the bathroom and by the time I got to the bathroom, she was quiet again. I left to go to the gym at 10am and she still hadn't woken up yet! That has to be a record for her! Gabe actually woke her up right after I left the house. I wonder how long she would have slept if we just let her go! Silly girl!

Needless to say, we knew she wouldn't nap on Saturday then either since she got up so late. Right after the gym, I met Gabe and Avery at a lighting store and we started to pick out some lights for the new house. When we got home, I showered while Gabe went to get his haircut (he took Avery with her). I did some stuff around the house and then when they came home, we went over to Julie and Richie's house to visit.

Gabe was getting tons of love from both girls-Avery and Carly were giving him hugs! It was so cute! And the girls chased each other around the table:

and did a Dora puzzle together:

They sat together and had mac-n-cheese for dinner. This shot cracks me up!

While we were there, Avery fell and split her lip open-it was bleeding and all puffy. They had some popsicles at their house so both girls had one and I think it helped her a little bit-at least she said it did! Looking at her, it's her upper lip on the left-but it's hard to see. She was all smiles for a photo though!

Carly loved her popsicle too!

We had a really nice day-busy, but good! And we are loving the nice weather-it can stick around as long as it wants!

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