Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Happy Halloween!!

What a great day we had yesterday!

Both Gabe and I had to work of course but Avery got to spend the day with her daycare buddies.

I got to leave work early to attend her daycare Halloween party. I took a few photos, but didn't want to post them just because I'm not sure if the parents want their kids online. So I'll just post one of Avery and her friend, Josie (since I didn't get a shot of them at their playdate on Sunday): They had all the kids and parents line up and we did a parade around daycare-we went down the major road and the kids were all waving to the cars and stuff. It was cute! After parading around, we went inside for some doughnuts, cider, cookies and candy! Avery picked out a pink doughnut and a cat cookie:

And before we left she grabbed a chocolate covered pretzel finger:

The teachers gave the kids some goodie bags with a sucker, some mini oreos, stickers, pencils and bubbles in it. Very cute!

When we all got home, we just had some pizza and then got ready to trick-or-treat! Avery was so excited with her pink bucket and pumpkin flashlight:

Gabe and I both took her out for about half of the block. I don't think she understood it at first....

but by the second house, she was totally into it! She would say "trick-or treat" to everyone and then say "Happy Halloween" and "thank you" to them as well! It was so cute!
She really loves lollipops so when she saw one go in her bucket, she had to have it immediately! So she walked more than half of the way with a lollipop in each hand!
About halfway through our block, the kids were out in big groups so Gabe headed back home to hand out candy (we had the bowl just sitting out for kids to help themselves at first). I took her to maybe 6 more houses and she was loving it. She would keep saying "More trick-or-treat" and "how about this house Mommy?" Luckily as we were at the last house before getting home, Gabe's parents pulled up! Avery got so excited to see them that she ran back home. The timing was perfect because if they hadn't shown up, she would have been ready to go for hours I think! Here she is showing off her full bucket (yeah, a full bucket after 12 houses! Crazy!):
And admiring all of her loot:
The only thing she ate was her lollipops-she opened each one that she got and took a few licks of each one. Then it went back in the wrapper. I offered her a candy bar and she said "no". Can't complain about that!

And so far, she hasn't asked for any candy! Mommy and Daddy will be eating most of it I'm sure!

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