Sunday, November 13, 2011

Moving Day!

So yesterday was the big day....moving day!

Our POD was supposed to be picked up at 8:30am and we were woken up at 7:45am by them! Nice and early!

Gabe's Dad showed up around 9am to take Avery for the day-we didn't want her to be in the way of the movers and this way Gabe and I could get some stuff done while she was gone.

Before she left, we took a family photo outside of the old house:

The movers showed up around 9:15am and got right to work. We had one truck and three guys and man, did they hussle! We were only going to have them take the "big" items (99% furniture), but we ended up having them take some boxes too because they moved so darn fast! They had all of our furniture packed up in just over an hour-it was amazing!

Here's the truck in our driveway:

I forget what time they completely finished packing up, but I'd say it was in under 2 hours easily. Then we headed to the new house:

And they were just as quick to unload! Basically the entire job was done by 1pm-so about 4 hours or so, which was way faster than we expected.

Once they left, Gabe and I took my car and headed back to the old house-we stopped at Wendy's for lunch then went back and packed up my car. We came back to the new house and got a few things arranged. Then we took both cars back to the old house and did another big load. Gabe took the cat and I was on Avery duty.

I went to my in-laws to get her around 4:30 or so. She seemed excited to go see Daddy and Jerri the cat at the new house.

We got home (Gabe had been home at least an hour with the cat) and I asked how the cat was doing. Gabe said "she's laying in the box of china." Somehow she wiggled herself into the box (which was closed) and there she stayed for about two hours! Avery was loving it because Jerri was too afraid to move so Avery got to pet her all she wanted! Here she is giving her kisses:

Silly cat!

Gabe finally took the cat out of the box to see what she would do. Anytime we'd leave the room, the cat would meow like crazy! We had the door from the house to the garage open and Jerri went and hid under Gabe's car for a long time. I went out there and she came up to me and I petted her a very long time. That seemed to calm her down and she slowly followed me back into the house. She did keep meowing a lot and I was paranoid that she was going to keep us up all night.

Avery on the other hand did great-she went up and saw her bedroom all set up and just grinned from ear to ear saying "I love my new room!" She went to bed super easily-it was a piece of cake! Here I thought Avery would have a tough time and Jerri was the "problem child".

I'm happy to report that the cat calmed down enough to sleep with us at night and really was quiet for the most part-thank God!

Overall it was a good day-busy, but good!

Now the fun of unpacking begins!

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