Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I had the idea for this post back when I first got pregnant in the early summer. And I'm just getting to it now for some reason. For those who haven't been pregnant and for the men out there, this is just a little insight as to how a woman's life changes when that test comes out "positive".


A definition-"to surrender or give up, for the sake of something else"

That's what pregnancy is all about (and if you breastfeed, it continues).

As soon as I got the positive home pregnancy test, a switch flipped and my lifestyle changed.

No more alcohol (like I drank much anyways).

No more caffeine (with Avery this included chocolate-this time around I was a little more relaxed).

No more diet drinks (no nutrasweet, etc).

No more lunch meat.

No more soft cheeses (blue cheese, feta, etc).

.....For the next 40 weeks of pregnancy. And if you breastfeed? Well, the alcohol/caffeine/diet drinks don't come back until you wean. I'll have those things in very limited amounts while breastfeeding, but not like I normally would.

Yep, making sacrifices for the sake of your child-you basically give up your body to grow another human being (how weird is that to think of?!) for the good part of a year.

It's amazing how one little test turns into you not "owning" your own body for roughly 2 years (if you breastfeed). My body becomes my child's during that time.

Yes, it's difficult.

Worth it? You bet!

I will say though that by the end, I'm ready to have my body back. As much as I loved pregnancy and nursing Avery, I was so relieved when she weaned. My boobs were my own again (sorry!) and I could eat and drink whatever I pleased whenever I liked. It was like I was handed a slice of freedom!

I don't know if it's more difficult the first time around or the second. The first time it seems harder at first because your lifestyle changes so much, but at the same time everything is so new and exciting. The second time you know what you're in for, but you know how long it'll be until that slice of freedom comes your way again. I'm down to 8 weeks of pregnancy, but the road is still long since I plan on nursing again. I won't get my slice for at least another year if all goes as planned.


Anonymous said...

you can eat soft cheese... unless you are buying some fancy imported brie cheese from France. All cheese made in the US is from pasteurized milk, so just as safe as eating any other cheese or dairy product.

Anonymous said...

....and caffeine is fine if you keep it to a cup a day. Lunch meat is fine as long as it's fresh. You are pregnant, it shouldn't be such a sacrifice.