Friday, November 11, 2011


Today was it....the last day in our house...our home.

I had an OB appointment in the morning so Avery accompanied me there. We stopped for cupcakes on the way home for our special dessert tonight.

Avery had lunch then went down for her last nap in her room: And a wonderful one it was-almost 3 hours! She hasn't done that in a very long time!

Shortly after she got up, Gabe came home and we got dinner ready.

Here's Avery waiting for dinner:

Our last meal-huge salads with chicken on them:

Avery had half of her cupcake at lunch and half at dinner (the girl HAD to have it at lunch-haha!). She goes right for the frosting too!

Then it was time for her last bath at the house and she did great!

We got Avery ready for bed and to sleep, then Gabe and I enjoyed our yummy cupcakes once she was asleep:

We've been buzzing around trying to pack up a few things here and there. We're heading to bed on the early side since we have the POD place coming at 8am to move the POD and then the movers arrive at 9am! Busy day tomorrow!

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Joelle said...

i really need one of those cupcakes! they look amazing!