Saturday, September 17, 2011

Daycare-The Real Test

So our big "test" as far as potty training goes was to see how Avery did at daycare.

On Tuesday we sent her in her underwear and came prepared for the day-lots of extra undies, pants, socks, and of course treats for when she went on the potty.

I was curious at work all day wondering how she was doing during the day. Was it accident central or was she doing an ok job?!

I found out when I picked her up.....she had one accident in the morning. Not surprising-lots of kids, lots of stuff going on, different bathroom, etc.

Apparently she woke up dry after her nap (which never happens at home) and right after nap the teacher took her to the potty and she went! Then later on, Avery did tell the teacher "pee pee on the potty" and went!

I was SO proud of her!

She was also at my in-laws all day on Thursday and unfortunately had 2 accidents there that day. I guess she didn't tell them she had to go and would just run to the bathroom. By the time they got there, she had already peed her pants. Not a total fail, because she did know to go to the bathroom!

Avery was at daycare again yesterday and I forgot to ask how she did on the potty. I noticed she was sent home in a diaper, but also in the clothes she went in in the morning so I was confused. I did end up emailing the teacher because I was curious how she did. She did stay dry all morning (not sure if she peed on the potty or not) and was put in a diaper for nap. The teacher forgot to put her undies back on after nap, but was checking to see if she peed and apparently she didn't. It was a different teacher than normal that day, so I don't think she remembered about Avery's new undies!

So it's been a week now and so far, not too bad. Yes there will be accidents with different situations, but overall I think she picked up on it pretty well! Will keep ya posted!

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