Monday, September 5, 2011

Labor Day Weekend

It was a very nice, long weekend for us. Both Gabe and I had off on Friday so we actually both had a 4 day weekend. It was glorious (but went by too fast!)!

Saturday we did some stuff around here-I went to the gym, did our grocery shopping. After Avery's nap we ran to a tile store, then out to dinner and for ice cream for Avery.

Sunday we took a trip to Buffalo for a visit. I really wanted to go to the zoo, but the forecast wasn't looking so good so we stayed in. Go didn't rain so we could have gone! Figures! While there, I ran to Goodwill and found Avery a nice pair of snowpants for $3! Can't go wrong with that. She'll need them for daycare so for $3 I don't care if they get ruined! Of course when I brought them in, she had to model them for us: My Mom, Avery and I took a walk to a nearby park. Avery had a blast going down the slides and going on the swings:

She was climbing all over everything and had fun! After we got back, she did lots of playing at Nama's house with some new toys. We had a yummy dinner then headed home around 730pm or so.

Today was a very lazy day. We all stayed in our PJ's all morning (I didn't shower until 2pm!) and we watched Toy Story was Avery's first whole movie! And she watched most of it. She was running and playing at times, but Gabe and I enjoyed watching it since we had never seen it! After Avery's nap, we met Gabe's parents for dinner by the lake and heard all about their wonderful vacation! Now we're just relaxing before getting back into "the grind" tomorrow.

Happy Labor Day!


Joelle said...

adorable snow pants! How was that thrift store? Was it the one on Military road?

Nicole said...

It was pretty good-they only had a children's section-nothing separated by size which is a pain. I went to the one on Delaware across from Anderson's (just past elmwood)