Monday, September 19, 2011

A Day at Nama's

Yesterday we went to Buffalo for the day. We were supposed to go sailing with my Dad (my belated bday present) and my Mom was going to watch Avery for us. On our way to Buffalo, my Dad called and said the captain had to cancel our sailing trip. His son had been in a car accident and he needed to be at the hospital. It would have been a beautiful day for it now we have to reschedule that.

So, we really did nothing all day. I didn't really hear from any friends and the ones I heard from were either sick or already had plans so we ended up just relaxing at my Mom's house all day.

Avery did lots of running around and playing with toys. Gabe and I watched the football game (it was an exciting one!). We had a nice dinner and after, Avery had a blast helping Nama outside.....

digging in the dirt....

watering flowers.....

and sweeping!

We had a nice visit of course-it's always good to see Mom and Aunt Pat!

I had to post these pics from Friday. I had Avery outside "doing chalk" (as she says) and she really got into it! She had our front stairs all decked out and of course sat in it so her pants were covered-they looked like tie-dye! She was just having a ball with it!

Here she is showing of her masterpiece (both stairs and pants):

And apparently she thought Daddy needed some chalk on his face to go along with hers!

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