Saturday, September 3, 2011

Seabreeze, Take 2

Yesterday we decided it was a good day to use our rainchecks for Seabreeze. Gabe was able to get the day off of work and the weather was looking good, so we went for it.

I thought it would be a great day to go. I figured since it was a Friday, people would be working. Two districts already started school here, plus most colleges are already in session. A holiday weekend to me meant more people traveling. Well, I was wrong. We got there and it was a mob scene! We had to wait in a pretty decent line just to get in the park!

I'll admit, the first hour was a killer. It had to be close to 90 degrees out and sunny. All of the rides are in the sun so you really don't get a break from it. I was drenched in sweat and really not comfortable. Avery went on a few rides, then we had a quick lunch. We got on our bathing suits and were looking forward to some relief from the heat.

Unfortunately Avery had different plans. She wanted NOTHING to do with the water! She was all excited to get her bathing suit on, but that was as far as the excitement went. Gabe and I stuck our feet in the water (can you say heaven?!) and she just screamed her head off and wouldn't let us put her down. After about 10 minutes of this, we decided to scrap the idea, suck it up and deal with the heat.

Gabe went to get himself a water and also came back with a frozen lemonade. This thing was a lifesaver-between sticking my feet in the water and this drink, I felt much better. Avery loved the lemonade and was chugging it down (I don't know how since it gave both Gabe and I a brain freeze after one sip): Avery did great on the rides! She went on everything all by herself and went on most things numerous times in a row! Here she is on the boats:

And a pic of Gabe and I:

Last time, she left there pretty afraid of the turtle ride and tea cup ride. She always talks about them and says how she won't go on them again. Well, to our surprise she went on both of them yesterday! She actually went on the turtles like 3 times! Gabe took her on the tea cups and as soon as they got off, she wanted to go back on! Unfortunately it's one of those spinny rides and Gabe didn't feel so hot after the first time, so they didn't go back on.

Even with the heat, we stayed about 5.5 hours and had a lot of fun. We were all exhausted when we left though! Gabe and I were ready to crash and Avery fell asleep very well for us too!

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