Friday, September 9, 2011

Siding, Stone and Primed

Avery and I took a drive out to the house today!

And I'll say that it looks AMAZING!

The siding is almost done, the stone is finished and we have a few shutters and cedar shakes as well! I love, love, love the way it looks! Just what I imagined!

Here's a closer look at the stone:

And a better shot of the windows and shutters. The details around the windows still need to be painted. And it's amazing what a little paint can do! Now it's really looking like a house inside...the transformation is incredible! The painters came a few days ago and have everything primed right now. I guess they don't do the actual paint until after the trimmer comes and does all of the baseboards and molding (doesn't make sense to me, but whatever). So, we have all of the walls and ceilings fully primed right now.

Here's the family room:


Dining room:



Now upstairs....Master bedroom:

Master closet:

Master bath-shower:

Baby's room:

Full bath upstairs:

Avery's room:

2nd floor foyer:

As of now, our closing date is November 2nd-so less than 2 months now! But....the house is supposed to be finished by mid-October. It's really crazy to think that in about 5wks it'll be finished! It's definitely getting more exciting now!


Melissa Keswin said...

Hi - can you tell me the type of stone you used and the color name as well as the paint color of the house?


Nicole said...

Prestige Stone Products. The color is Bluegrass Old County Ledge.
The house is sided-not painted.