Wednesday, September 4, 2013

First Day!

'Round these parts, the kids start school this week.

For us, it was a new beginning....Cassandra got to start daycare!

The daycare we send Avery to doesn't take infants. They have to be 18months old to start going there. When we had Cassandra our options were to find someone to watch her, or switch Avery to a different daycare. We loved it there so much that we really didn't want to pull her out. So my Father-in-Law graciously offered his time over the past 19months to watch Cassandra pretty much everyday that I worked (THANK YOU!).

Cassandra turned 18 months at the end of July and the owner of the daycare decided to close up shop. So, we didn't want to send her there for 3wks and then have to possibly start her somewhere else. However, we lucked out and they found a buyer for the daycare and the previous owner also stayed on staff. After they closed for about 2wks, it was time to start up for fall! They actually opened up last Thursday, but yesterday was my first working day since they re-opened.

We've been talking about Cassandra starting "school" for the past few weeks to get Avery prepped for her being there, etc. And I have to say that Avery was really excited for her to be with her.

So now Gabe and I only have one drop off and pick up location which is really nice.  He said when he dropped them off yesterday, Cassandra barreled down the hallway to explore. I guess the teacher went to pick her up and she started to cry. A little after lunch, I received an email from the teacher saying that Cass was doing great! She also attached these photos for me too!
Cassandra and some friends

Cassandra and Avery outside
Overall, she had a great first day. She didn't nap much (we didn't bring her sleeping buddy either) which I sort of expected since she has to sleep on a mat which is totally foreign for her. Of course she crashed in the car on the way home too!  She obviously can't tell us much, but Avery said that Cass had fun and didn't cry that makes me happy! Hopefully the transition keeps going as smoothly as yesterday did!

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