Saturday, April 25, 2015

Tooth Fairy

We've had some excitement around here!

My big girl lost her first tooth!

On Monday, 4/13, Avery came home from school all excited that she had a wiggly tooth. I was in her classroom that morning and she never said anything about it. I guess in the afternoon, she was eating her apple for her snack and her tooth was hurting her. Sure enough, I tried moving it and it was a little loose!

Over the past 10 days, she spent time wiggling it here and there and trying to gross me out-I HATE loose teeth. We were anxious to see how long it would take it to come out.

 Thursday I was getting dinner ready. We were having cheeseburgers. The kids always have theirs cut up. Well for some reason, both of them wanted it on a roll! I thought it was strange especially for Avery because she's been avoiding biting into anything with her wiggly tooth. But, I asked several times, and each time they said they wanted it on a roll.

Avery starts eating it and says how great it is and is really chowing down. All of a sudden she screams and it bleeding in her mouth. I think the sight/taste of the blood scared her more than anything. Once we got her calmed down, we realized the tooth was quite loose at this point (and I stepped away from the table because I was so grossed out). Gabe cut up her cheeseburger and she slowly ate another piece.  Then she just sat there and finally said, "Daddy, pull it out."

I was on the other side of the room but just heard Gabe say, "Does this hurt? How about this? Ok, spit it out."  Apparently he had a hard time grabbing the tooth so he just bent it back and forth as hard as he could (EEK!) and out it came. It bled quite a bit but once it stopped, she was quite excited that the Tooth Fairy would be coming that night!
And her gap is huge! Someone asked if 2 teeth came out-nope!
After dinner, she wrote her letter to the Tooth Fairy-with no help from us!
Let me translate:
"Dear Tooth Fairy, I just lost my first tooth and Daddy pulled it out. Thank you Tooth Fairy! I love you Tooth Fairy! Avery"

Her tooth went into her special pillow we bought her for Christmas and went next to her head at bedtime. She woke up yesterday with a $5 bill and a chocolate gold coin!

One down.....way too many to go ;)

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