Saturday, April 4, 2015

Spring Break!

The end of Avery's spring break is almost here. Tomorrow is Easter and she's back to school on Monday. 

We had a great week with her off though!

On Monday, Renee and Sabrina came from Buffalo to visit us for the afternoon. The kids had a ball playing with Sabrina, who is now running around with them! They had a lot of fun! And of course I'm kicking myself because I didn't get a single picture of them together!

I worked like usual on Tuesday and Wednesday.

We had a little scare on Wednesday afternoon though. Daycare called my work around 4pm saying that Cassandra fell and bumped her head and that we "might want to take her somewhere".  Gabe went and got her and texted me that they were headed to the doctor's office. I met them there after getting out of work. She ended up cutting the back of her head open, and thankfully it wasn't bad enough for stitches. I guess it bled a lot (by the looks of her clothes) and her hair was all matted to it so it was hard to tell just how bad it was until we got there. We all took a sigh of relief and grabbed some junk food (aka Wendy's) for dinner on the way home for the kids.

Thursday, we took the girls to their first movie. Well....Avery has been to one with my Father-in-Law before, but this was the first time we took her. The girls really wanted to see the new "Cinderella", so that's what we saw. Avery was great. Cassandra did pretty well, but did get antsy at times. I think since it wasn't animated it was harder to keep her attention. Overall they did really well though and the movie was amazing if you haven't seen it yet!

Friday was our  neighborhood egg hunt held at a neighbor's house. It was the perfect day for it-about 60 and sunny out! They spread out about 525 eggs and each kid starts with 10. Then once everyone has 10, it's a free for all!
getting lined up

Cassie and Avery

The kids had a ball as usual!

After dinner, we still had to dye eggs. The girls always love doing it!

Today we went to Buffalo to visit my Mom and Aunt. Megan and her kids stopped by as well. Tomorrow is Easter then back to the usual grind on Monday!! 

What a fun and busy week!

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