Sunday, March 29, 2015

A Super Fun Weekend!

Spring break is here (Hallelujah!) and we started it off with a bang! We had quite a busy weekend and quite a busy week ahead of us as well.

Yesterday, we took the kids to a cooking class at Wegman's in the morning. They got to make a few things using Peeps! They really had a good time! After, I stayed and grocery shopped and Gabe took the girls for a few errands.

In the afternoon, we were busy baking a cake for my Mom's arrival.  She came around 3:15 and the kids were so excited to see her!  My Mom's birthday is tomorrow so we had Gabe's parents over for dinner and cake. It was a really nice time!
Avery, Mom, Cassandra
This morning we got up and the girls had swimming lessons. We went to the gym a little early so they could play in the playroom for a bit before lessons. And they did really great at their lessons today too!

After lessons, we got ready to go to the ballet! My Mom brought the kids new dresses, so of course they had to wear them!
The ballet was really cute. Avery and I went last year and she really enjoyed it, so this year we all went and my sister-in-law and niece went as well.  When we got there, the girls received a little tiara to wear. And they were announced as they walked in.  Then they were able to dance with some of the snowflakes!
We got to watch them do a performance as well...

then they opened up the dancing again and had some coloring as well (which my kids love!).
They also had some snacks, a hot chocolate bar, and a silent auction.

There was a second performance where they "arrested" Jack Frost:
and crowned a snow queen:
After the second performance, the kids got to meet the new snow queen:
Avery, Cassie, Bianca with 3 of the dancers
And the "old" snow queen:
They ended with more dancing and Cassie was finally brave enough to join in!
The kids had a blast! Cassie was really into it-she sat right up front and clapped loud and hard for the dancers! She was so cute!

After the ballet, we went to Gabe's parents' house for dinner. And now it's about time to call it a night....we have a busy week ahead of us too!

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