Monday, March 24, 2014

Cinderella Ball

Our local city Ballet hosted a Cinderella Ball yesterday. We got a flyer in the mail for it, so I thought it would be something fun for Avery and I to do. It was during Cassandra's nap and after going, I think she was a little too young for it still.

Avery got all dressed up in her Cinderella dress before we went:
We got there and they had Cinderella's carriage to sit in (with one of the fairies):
Also in that room, they had some food set up. A chocolate fountain (Avery won't stop talking about it!), cheese and crackers, cookies, veggie tray. They also had a raffle going on with about 10 prizes and face painting.

Then you made a grand entrance into the studio. Every child received a crown and was announced as "Princess _____" when entering. So cute! In the studio they had some of the dancers trying to get the kids to dance until the performance started. Avery did a lot of watching, but finally was brave enough to join in on the fun!
Then they had us all sit down and they did some numbers from their upcoming performance of Cinderella.

The Fairies

Cinderella and the Prince

Cinderella and the Prince

After the performance, they had hula hooping, more dancing, and coloring with the Fairy Godmother....Avery was all about that since she's really into coloring these days!

more dancing
They also let you meet Cinderella and the Prince. Avery was too nervous to go talk to them, so we opted out and did some more coloring and dancing.

They did another short performance, announced the raffle winners, and then it was time to go. On our way out, Avery finally got up the courage to meet Cinderella:
It was a really cute thing they had for the kids. I think Avery really enjoyed it. The only hard thing was that she's never been to a ballet before so she didn't quite understand why there was no talking/singing going on like in the movies. And Cinderella was wearing white instead of blue like in the movie so she was convinced it wasn't really her!  Other than that, we had a really great time!

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