Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Snow (Half) Day!

What a day today!

We had been getting alerts of a snow storm heading this way for today. They probably started that over the weekend. First it was a snow advisory, then a storm warning, then last night it changed to a blizzard warning.

I got up for work today and it was fine out-we only had a dusting of snow on the ground. The commute in was fine-there was hardly any traffic out. Every school district in the area closed because of the blizzard warning so it really was an easy drive in. I of course was dreading the drive home later that day. They were calling for around 20" of snow so by 5pm when I leave work it would be a long drive I feared.

When I got to work, my manager called my cell phone and informed me we were going to close our office at noon. I work for a doctor's office which is affiliated with a local hospital so we NEVER close. This was very rare!  Then I got a call that daycare was going to close at 1pm.

Of course we had patients cancelling left and right for the day, but had an ok morning.

I left work around 11:30am and the drive wasn't too bad. There was a lot of snow on the roadways, but again it was a ghost town so it didn't  take me very long to get to daycare and get home. On the radio they said our county was in a state of emergency and driving bans were put in place shortly after noon. On my way home, Gabe informed me that he was leaving work at 3pm.

We got home, Cassie went up for a nap and I decided Avery and I would have movie time! I made us some popcorn and she chose to watch "Tangled". Before the movie started, Gabe informed me he was leaving work now instead of 3.

So, Avery and I watched the movie and Gabe got home before it finished. Once it was done, we did lots of playing with her-stickers, coloring, etc.

Cassie woke up and we had an early dinner. Avery was asking about roasting marshmallows...I have no idea why. So our treat after dinner was roasted marshmallows. I made her a s'more too (she asked for one-again I have no idea how she knows about them!) but she wasn't really into it. She didn't like the fact that it was so gooey! And how do you roast marshmallows in the middle of winter? On the stovetop of course!

After dinner we did some more playing then it was time for the kids to head to bed.  It was really great having an unexpected half day home for all of us!

The snow kept up all evening and they say it's going to go until 5am or so....I have no idea how much we have out there or how much more is left to come.

All I do know?! This winter has sucked and I'm ready for it to be over!  Bring on Spring!!

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