Saturday, July 20, 2013

Two For One

Both girls had to go for check ups yesterday at the Pediatrician...Cassandra for her 18mo, and Avery for her 4yr visit. I decided to get them both done on the same day to get them over with-sort of a 2-for-1 deal ya know?!

That morning, Avery started getting anxious about the appointment, asking every few minutes if she would need to get a shot. I just kept telling her I didn't know. And she didn't stop asking!

We got there and Gabe surprised us by coming too (YAY!). They called us back and took Avery to a room to check her sight and hearing. Then they put her on the scale and measured how tall she is.

We got to the exam room and they got Cass on the scale and did her height too. Then the doctor came in. I fully expected Cassandra to not be very cooperative. At her last appointment, she cried from the time we walked in to the time we walked out. It wasn't fun. I was expecting yesterday to go the same way. But, I was pleasantly surprised. In fact, she was way more calm than Avery. She let the doc do his thing and didn't make a peep! He checked out Avery and she did ok-she was still whining the entire time about the possibility of getting shots.

So their current stats are:

Avery is 39 1/2" tall (50th percentile), 32lbs (20th percentile)
Cassandra is 301/4" tall (10th percentile), 19lbs 14oz (5th percentile)  Just to show how tiny Cassandra is, she is the height that Avery was at 12 mos!

Then we had a decision to make for Avery. She needed 3 shots-either yesterday or next year before kindergarten. He suggested doing it now and getting it over with since she was already so anxious about it all. I was going to choose that route anyway. So...the nurse did Avery first-2 shots in one arm, 1 in the other. She screamed her head off!  Cassandra had to get 2 shots-one in each arm. The child didn't even flinch! No tears at all!

The good news is that Avery doesn't need anymore shots now until she's 11 years old! Crazy! Cassandra doesn't need anymore (besides the flu shot) until she's Avery's age! Yay! Cassandra's next check up is in 6 months and Avery's isn't until next summer-a nice long break for us!

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