Friday, July 26, 2013


We had a very special treat yesterday!

One of my BFFs, Katie, was in town (in Buffalo) from Florida. I haven't seen her since Xmas 2011 when I was pregnant with Cassandra. Since then, we had Cassandra and she had a little girl named Ava. Typically when Katie comes to town, it's for a week or so and usually I try to see her when she's here. The past few times just haven't worked out though. This time, she came home for 3 weeks so for a special treat, she made a trip out to our house!  She got to see our place and we got to meet each others babies!

Avery and Roman hit it off right away-they were loving Hungry Hippos for awhile!

We tried getting a picture of all of the kids-let's just say that didn't work out very well (as you'll see). I thought getting a shot of 2 kids was hard...try 4!

Failed attempt #1:
Ava and Cassandra playing:
Failed attempt #2 (Roman where are you going?):
And failed attempt #3-babies crying take 2!
Anyways, we had a great visit-of course it went way too fast! We all had lunch together and the kids did lots of playing. Roman didn't want to leave and as soon as they were gone, Avery asked, "When can I play with him again?"  Luckily, I got to tell her soon since we're hoping to see them again this weekend! Yay!!

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