Sunday, April 13, 2014


Yesterday I turned 35. 

It's kind of hard to comprehend that I'm in my mid-thirties. Most days I don't feel old, and I don't think I look old. In fact, just a week ago I had a patient say he thought I was 24!

But then there are times I'm amazed at how time passes by. Like that I graduated high school 17 years ago! Or that Y2K was 14 years ago. Or that I met Gabe almost 11 years ago. That sort of stuff blows my mind. Where did those years go?!  I sometimes feel like it was yesterday that I was cheerleading and getting ready to go to college. I remember when I moved out here and it amazes me that it was 10 years ago this summer. I've been in Rochester almost a third of my life-that is hard to believe. 35th birthday was very nice.

It started with both kids up super early (for them). Lucky me got  to stay in bed while Gabe and Avery made me breakfast. I got to watch some of my TV shows and chill with the little peanut.
Then my breakfast arrived-a fried egg sandwich and some blueberries (which Cassandra helped me eat).
It was a pretty nice day out so the kids were in and out all morning. I told Gabe I wanted him and Avery to make my cake for me. So I was giving him pointers through the morning.  Avery had a make up gymnastics class at 12:30 so I dropped her off. Came home and put Cassie down for her nap. Gabe went to pick up Avery and get his haircut so I had some alone, quiet time. I took advantage and sat my butt out on the porch and read a magazine-glorious!  Then my Mom came around 3:30 or so. When Gabe got home, him and Avery finished up the cake....
and the kids got their Easter gifts from my Mom.
We went out for an early dinner, came home and I opened my presents. Then we had cake:

Gabe had to pick up his parents from the airport and we were going to go to a movie when he got back....but everything was sold out at the theater we wanted to go to! So...we just stayed in and watched a movie here once the girls were asleep.

It was a wonderful day filled with wonderful people-my husband, my kids, and my Mom-perfection!

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