Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

We had quite the busy holiday weekend here!

Saturday morning we were up and ready to go....first thing on the agenda? Dying eggs of course!

Aren't they pretty?
Then the girls finally decided to eat breakfast...and yes, Cassandra was completely naked for whatever reason! (no, this does NOT happen on a regular basis!)
After breakfast, I showered then took Cassandra grocery shopping with me. We got home and they had lunch. Then it was off to our neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt! Lots of people-I think the last count I saw was about 50 kids and 40 adults? Somewhere around there!  The girls came armed and ready!
They let the under 3 year olds get a head start, so I took off with Cassandra and snapped this pic of the older kids waiting to go:
Every kid got to find 10 eggs (which were all filled with prizes) and if they found a golden egg, they got a larger prize! Avery was lucky enough to find one this year so she was psyched! Then we all returned back to the garage for lots of goodies! My kids of course found the watermelon and forgot just how tasty it is!
After the egg hunt, my Dad and Colleen came for a visit so we hung out with them and went out for dinner. Then I had to come home, get the girls to bed and make dessert for Easter. Yep, very busy day!

Avery was up around 7:40 on Easter and Cassandra was the sleepy head that didn't wake up until 8:45 (making up for her missed nap Saturday). Luckily we were able to keep Avery upstairs and entertained until her sister woke up. Then we all went downstairs and looked for what the Easter bunny brought....lots of eggs and baskets!
Cassandra's (L) and Avery's (R) baskets
Then it was shower time and off to my in-laws' for brunch!
Happy Easter!
We had a very good meal which was then followed by another egg hunt! It was beautiful outside-perfect day to do an egg hunt!
Owen, Bianca, Avery, Cassandra
The kids looking for their eggs....

And going through their loot!

After the egg hunt, we headed home around 2:30 so Cassandra could nap. Avery stayed at my in-laws' all day and slept over. Since it was so nice out, Gabe and I got some much needed work done outside-it was so nice to be out in the warm sunshine!  When the little one woke up, we played outside some more-she just loves it out there! Gabe had to go back to his parents for a bit so Cassandra and I just hung out and played the rest of the day.
Love this girl!

It was a really busy, fun weekend! We all had a really good time!

Happy Easter!!

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