Sunday, June 8, 2014

Aruba-Part 2

Let's continue on with the vacation post, shall we? (You can find the start of it here!)

Saturday we were up around 7:45 and we went out for a pancake breakfast. 
Cassandra ready to roll!
Then we did some shopping at some flea market type spots that we found. We got a few small souvenirs and since it was hot, we had to get some slushies!
Then the girls got a braid put in their hair...even Cassandra who has the finest baby hair out there!
When Cassandra napped, Gabe and I did some shopping-I didn't get anything but just looked around. Then we went for dinner and saw a fountain show nearby then headed home for bed!
Pretty sunset
Sunday we were up around 7:45 again. We had breakfast at home and did some swimming in the pool all morning. After lunch, Cassandra napped and my Mom and I went to the beach to do some walking around.
Palm beach

Palm beach

Palm beach
After Cassandra's nap, we headed back to the lighthouse area for dinner there.

Avery on the restaurant steps

restaurant views

We heard this is the best place on the island for the sunset so I was anxious to see it....

Cassandra and Avery

Gabe and I
Avery loves playing photographer lately!
Gabe, Mom, Cassandra and I

All of us!
And the sunset? It didn't disappoint....

Love this one

Frame worthy?

It was spectacular....I'm amazed at the beauty in our world sometimes! After dinner, we got the girls in bed and then Gabe and I went to the casino for a bit before bed.

Monday we were up at 7:30. The kids ate breakfast and we got ready to go to another beach. Gabe and I went to this beach (Baby beach) on our honeymoon and we knew the kids would love it because it's so calm. The only bad thing was that it took us about an hour to get there as we had to from one end of the island all the way to the other end. But it was totally worth it!

And we saw a cruise ship in port which was cool!

Baby beach

Baby beach

Baby beach
The kids had a ball at the beach-Avery was loving the water and had so much fun!  Cassandra was in and out of the water and playing in the sand. We got there just in time and claimed the last free palapa so we had some shade for the day, which was perfect!  We stayed at the beach until around 3 and I thought for sure the kids would pass out on the way home...nope! We came home, all got showered up and went out for dinner. Then we got the kids to bed and Gabe and I went to the casino again before bed (do you see a trend here?!)
Mom and I before dinner
Tuesday we were up around 7:15. We had breakfast and relaxed by the pool all morning. We had lunch and while Cassandra napped, Gabe and I went to Palm beach to walk a bit and for me to buy some paintings. We saw this guy while we were out and about....
After Cassandra napped, we went out for dinner on the beach for our last night.
Cassandra and Gabe

Avery and I

My Mom and Avery

the view from our table
Again, another lovely sunset....

The girls had fun running in the sand after dinner a bit!
We got the girls in bed then did some packing.

Wednesday we got up around 8:15. We had some breakfast, took showers, and packed up.
Mom, Avery, Cassandra before leaving
We left the house around 10:45. Our flight was at 3pm and we were told to get to the airport about 3hrs ahead to deal with both customs. And we also had to drop off our rental car. We ended up at the airport just before noon and no joke, we were at the gate by like 12:15. Yep, we had almost 3hrs to kill just sitting at the gate! Not to mention 2 flights home!  The first flight home was a little rough for Cassandra again. She missed her nap and was just not having it. Our layover was fine and our last flight was delayed, but only by about 15min. The last flight went well. Avery lay down as soon as we took off and slept most of the way home. Cassandra finally conked out around 9:45 and we landed around 10:40. The poor things were woken up numerous times between getting off the plane, getting luggage, getting in the car, and getting home. It was a super long day. 

It was tough going home and leaving paradise-we all had such a wonderful vacation!

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