Friday, June 13, 2014

Happy 1st Dylan!

Over the weekend, we went to Dylan's 1st birthday party!

It was the perfect day for it too!

The kids did lots of playing outside on the swingset!
Avery and Brayden
We had some yummy food and the cake was super cute!
Their dog, Missy, was cracking us up. Apparently she doesn't like when you try to take a soccer ball away from her. She goes crazy-growling and pawing at it so you don't take it away. It was incredibly funny!
And the birthday boy made quite a mess with his cake....

The dog kept coming over looking for "donations" and Dylan would stick his hand out to get it cleaned off! Then he'd go right back to eating the cake!
He was covered in cake by the end-it was hysterical!
After cake and presents, we stayed later than normal to enjoy the fire they made. And some s'mores too! Can't forget those! Delish!
It was a great party and the kids had a blast! Happy 1st Birthday Dylan!!

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