Thursday, August 21, 2014

Gearing up for Kindergarten!

We're gearing up to have a Kindergartener in 2 weeks from today (someone hold me!)!

I took Avery out a few weeks ago to buy her school supplies. She had fun finding everything and putting it in the cart. And she picked out a new thermos for her lunch-pink of course!  We already have several lunch boxes and we bought her a nice Land's End backpack for her birthday. So I think she's ready to go!

Last week we received her teacher assignment in the mail. We haven't found anyone in her class yet. All of the neighborhood kids are split up-none of them have the same teacher!

Also last week we had her lunch/bus orientation. Avery and I went and first we sat through the lunch presentation. Then we all got on the bus and rode to another elementary school in the district. Avery loved riding the bus with me!  Once at the other school, they had to rotate through 5 stations about bus safety. Honestly, it wasn't organized well at all. Our first station was done in 2mins and every other station took about 10min. So you can imagine what happened-huge crowds of people at the following station!  Avery wasn't thrilled with it either because a lot of the stations were for the kids only-so they had to get on the bus and do whatever on there by themselves (no parents). With her not knowing anyone, she really didn't want to go alone. And I pushed her to do it and she cried most of the time we were there. I just kept telling her "this is for the kids only. Mommies and Daddies don't ride the bus to school-you do!" At least she did it-through tears-she could have flat out refused and caused a huge scene. But she didn't-thankfully!  And afterwards, she kept saying how much fun she had (did you not know you were crying the whole time?!).  So we'll see how the real deal goes in 2 weeks.

So the only big thing we're waiting on is her bus schedule-which won't be out until next week (nice and last minute). And tomorrow both girls are getting fresh haircuts for back to school!  I think next week we'll be starting our version of Kindergarten boot camp-everyone starting to get up earlier and going to bed earlier. I'd rather deal with the tiredness now then when school is starting up. I'm dreading it just because I don't want to get up early everyday!  I like being able to "sleep in" until 7:30 on my days off. Now I'll probably have to be up around 6 everyday. Ugh.

Let the fun begin!

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