Saturday, August 30, 2014

Seabreeze, Take Two!

We had so much fun at Seabreeze for Avery's birthday, that everyone decided we wanted to go again sometime this summer.

With our work schedules and summer activities, Thursday was the day. Gabe took the day off and my in-laws, sister-in-law, niece and nephew all joined us again.

We got there right when they opened and the kids were so excited. The night before, Avery told me she was going to ride the Bobsleds and Bear Trax (both roller coasters) this time. She went on them last year and wasn't really fond of either of them.  Well, she didn't disappoint. In fact, she loved both of them so much I think we rode one of them 6 times and the other 8 times!  She was hooked!
Bianca, Owen, Molly on Bobsleds

Avery and Gabe on Bobsleds

Avery (orange shirt) with Bianca on Bear Trax

Bear Trax
Avery and Owen also tried the tilt-a-whirl and loved it-they rode it twice in a row!
It was a cool day-low 70s so it wasn't ideal for the water park. The crowds weren't that bad and the lines were relatively short.  Molly and her kids only stayed until around 5. The rest of us stayed until close to 8pm!  It was a fun, full day of rides, games, and more rides! Good times!

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