Monday, November 10, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Leigha!

The day after Halloween we went to Buffalo for the day. We were due for a visit and had a birthday party for Leigha to attend.

We went to my Mom's and hung out for a bit-had lunch, played, etc.  Cassie took a nap and then we headed to my friend Megan's house for Leigha's 3rd birthday party!

We got there and the kids did some games and we had some food. Then it was gift time!

After gifts was another game:

And then time for cake! 
Yes it was as good as it looks!
Cassie checking out the cake!
Singing Happy Birthday:
And a swipe of frosting for fun!
After cake, we hung out a bit longer and visited while the kids played. Then we headed home!!

Happy 3rd Birthday Leigha! We had so much fun at your party!

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