Sunday, November 2, 2014


We had a really great Halloween.

The girls are at such great ages-each year they get more excited and more into the holidays. It's just awesome.

Avery had school on Halloween and got to take her costume to school with her. They did a school wide parade and then a classroom party. I didn't get to make it to the parade because it was right in the middle of Cassie's nap time.  But I heard it was a lot of fun!

Once she got home, we waited for Gabe to get home. Then we had some dinner and got them all geared up for trick-or-treating!  Of course around here, Halloween has to have the crappiest weather possible. Earlier in the week it was in the mid 70s!  Halloween was in the 40s with rain. Crappy.  So as usual, the girls wore multiple layers under their costumes. They even stopped back home for gloves!
Elsa and Anna

My little Anna
Gabe and his Mom took the girls out for a bit. They went to see a house in our area that really goes crazy with the decorations and they hit some houses along the way. They stopped home and Avery decided she was done! Cassie pitched a fit because she wanted to keep going! So Gabe took Cassie out for more and Avery and I stayed with Gabe's Mom and handed out some candy.  After about 20min or so, the crowds died down and then Avery decided she did want to go out some more. So I took her out around our house for a bit. Then we all met back home and called it a night. They had so much fun!

And our pumpkins this year?! They rocked. My husband has some carving skills y'all!


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