Tuesday, December 23, 2014

The Calm Before the Storm

Here we are.....Christmas Eve Eve. Or as the book is called, "The Night Before The Night Before Christmas".

The shopping is done.

The baking is done.

The wrapping was done today.

It's the calm before the storm that hits tomorrow morning.  48 hours of mass chaos.

And I can't wait!

Tomorrow we hit the ground running spending the day at my Mom's. Then we're back home for Santa's visit and over to my in-laws' after.

The kids are stoked.  I am stoked.

I love reliving Christmas through their eyes. It's a feeling you can't describe until you experience it yourself.

I'll be soaking up the next 48 hours.....family, friends, food, gifts. It's all good.

Enjoy your holiday magic everyone!  See you after the chaos!

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