Sunday, January 4, 2015

Xmas Recap

Here we are...the last night of winter break. Tomorrow we get back into our routine of being up early every day and Avery heading back to school.

It's been 2 full weeks of family, friends, parties, and just soaking up our time together. That's what it's all about right?!

So, here's a recap of our holiday break!

Of course there was cookie making! I made 3 kinds this year. The kids love doing the cut out cookies. Both girls helped me roll and cut them and Avery helped me frost and decorate one day while Cassie napped.
A quick shot of our mantle:
I took vacation days on Dec. 23rd and 24th (I'm amazed we were even open on Christmas Eve). The girls went to daycare on the 23rd and I had a day to get things done. I went to the gym in the morning, ran a few errands and did all of the wrapping we had-took me a good 3 hours to finish it all!

The weather here was very atypical for this time of year. Christmas Eve day it was in the upper 50s! It's very strange having a Christmas without snow! It's the one day a year I don't mind it and we didn't have any this year!

On Christmas Eve we were all up and ready to hit the road. We always spend Christmas Eve at my Mom's in Buffalo. Before we hit the road, the girls had to put out their cookies for Santa and the reindeer food since we usually get home very late.

Then we drove to my Mom's!
Mom's tree
We took a few photos before people started coming over.....

Mom and the girls
....and we ended up doing gifts with each other right away. We had family coming for dinner and we had no idea who else was stopping by, so we decided to get it out of the way. The girls were all about the gifts!
First present!!
My friend Renee and her little one, Sabrina stopped over to visit!
The girls just love her and can't get enough of her!
Cassie, Sabrina, Avery
My Aunt and Uncle also stopped by for a short visit. Then our cousins came over for dinner.
Cassie and Eddie
After dinner (while we digested), it was more presents with the cousins!
Taylor and Avery

Cassie and Eddie
And a few more photos before they left!
Taylor, Eddie, Rachel, Eddie

Cassie, Rachel, Me, Mom, Aunt Pat, Avery, Taylor
We left my Mom's around 8 or so to drive home. The kids were so wound up that they didn't fall asleep. We finally got them to bed and went to bed shortly after.

Then, it was Christmas Day!
Santa came!!
Avery let us sleep until around 8:30 and we waited upstairs for Cassie to get up around 9. Then of course we had to open presents right away! They went for their stockings first!

Cassie-no idea what that face is!

My little cuties
After opening, we had breakfast and then just relaxed and played with all of their new stuff. After Cassie's nap, it was time to head to the in-laws' house for dinner!
Ready to eat!
We had to wake Cassie from her nap and she was downright miserable. She refused to get into her dress and was quite a pill for awhile. She finally warmed up a bit.
Avery and Cassie
We had a very good dinner and then opened presents.
Cassie with her Anna hat

Bianca and Owen

Friday was a pretty lazy day. We all had off and just hung out at home playing with all of the new toys!

On Saturday, my Dad and Colleen came out for our Christmas dinner. We had a really nice visit with them!
Dad, Colleen and the girls
Sunday was another family party for the extended family at Gabe's parents' house. Then Monday was Gabe's birthday!  Gabe and I worked pretty much a normal week so we had a little bit of a routine last week. I'm ready for us to be back on a schedule though. We all enjoyed staying up late and sleeping in late, but we're ready to get back to normal too. It definitely was a nice break and a very nice holiday. It's amazing how fast it goes though. I think the anticipation is almost better than the day itself!  Avery was pretty bummed that it was all over too. We took down the tree and decorations on New Years Day so it feels a lot less cluttered in here. Now I just need a food detox! Hahaha! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday! Here's to a great 2015!! 

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