Monday, January 26, 2015


I no longer have a baby...or a toddler. I'm not a Mom of a school-aged child and a preschooler. How on Earth did that happen?!

Friday was a special day-our baby turned 3.  THREE. It seems like yesterday she came into our lives, yet it also feels like she's always been with us. I can't remember life without her (or Avery being an only child).

Three is hard for me to swallow. It just sounds so old to me. Yeah I know you're thinking, "Wait until they're 20, yada, yada" but really three is like a first big age to me. No more babies or toddlers. She's a little girl now. A preschooler. It's crazy.

Let's see-Cassandra at age 3 has quite the personality. She's pretty laid back, very independent and can be stubborn at times. She also is the sweetest, kindest little girl. She can read people very well and will ask "why are you sad, etc". She definitely thinks of others first-she's great at sharing and is also my little cuddlebug. She eats pretty well-tries all kinds of foods. Her favorites these days: blueberries, raspberries, melon, yogurt, pasta, soup, waffles, pancakes. She loves reading books together and has really started to get interested in coloring lately. She's just starting to get into the pretend play too.  It's so fun watching her grow and change!

Like we usually do, we spent the day with her. Gabe took off from work (which we do for both of their birthdays) and I had the day off.  Avery had school so it was just a Mommy, Daddy, and Cassandra day which was cool-I don't think that's ever happened!  We always let the girls pick what to do on their special day. She chose the Strong Museum.  We got there right when it opened and had a blast! Unfortunately I didn't bring my camera so I have no pictures from there, but we all had a good time. I packed her a lunch and she ate there and had some ice cream after of course! And as part of her present, we let her pick out something from the gift shop....and she chose a book about Jacks and a set of jacks-kid cracks me up!

We got home and put her down for a nap, which she ended up not taking (girl must be too excited for her special day!). Then Avery came home and they played a bit. We made dinner and had some yummy cupcakes to celebrate!
Courtesy of The Upper Crust
Happy Birthday to you!!

After cupcakes, she opened her present from us.

We got her a shirt, a Frozen coloring book and Frozen  hair ties. She'll also get a big girl bed eventually-I'm holding out as long as I can!! 

After we played some more, it was off to bed.  It was a really fun day spending it with our little peanut.  She's just such a joy!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Cassandra! We love you so very much!!

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