Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Birthday Party Weekend!

After Avery's sleep study, we had a weekend full of partying!

Late Saturday afternoon, we had a birthday party to go to for Carly. She's 4 this year and has an actual birthday this year too-she's a leap day baby so it's her first "real" birthday! 

We got there and the kids played awhile. Then we had dinner and it was time for some gift opening.
notice who's missing? Avery-she was quite the loner at times!

Brayden eyeing the gifts

Opening the gift we bought her

After gifts, it was time for cake! The cake was from Wegman's and was adorable!

Singing "Happy Birthday" to Carly!

Blowing out the candles!

While we were having cake, Brayden was hamming it up in the high chair-he was cracking us up!

And before we left, I got the cutest picture of the girls (minus Avery's crazy hairdo!):

Sunday we had another birthday party for one of Avery's daycare friends. It was at a bowling alley so we knew she'd have a blast....and she did!

They didn't do an organized game at all. They had maybe 4 lanes set up for the kids with the bumpers and ramps and just let them have at it for an hour. They took turns and had a lot of fun!  She started bowling with Daddy:

Then it was Mommy's turn (man do I look frumpy!)....we got 2 spares!!
After the hour of "bowling", the kids were taken downstairs to a party room where they had pizza, cake, and did gifts. And before we left, I got a shot of Avery and her BFF, Josie!

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