Sunday, February 5, 2012


We had quite a busy week this week!

On Monday my friend Megan came out from Buffalo for a visit to meet the little peanut. It was great seeing her since we haven't seen each other since Christmas.

Monday night my Mom came out to stay for the week and help us out. She of course came with a car load of stuff-presents from her and some other people and of course food for the entire week! 

She bought Cassandra a pair of PJs that match a pair that Avery has (she bought Avery hers for Christmas). Of course we had to have them wear them and get some pictures of it! Don't mind Avery's silly smile!

My Mom stayed until Friday and it was a HUGE help having her here. I wasn't supposed to drive so she was on Avery duty a lot of the week...taking her to and from daycare for us and running errands if we needed her to. And like I said, her and my Aunt made us dinner for every night last week which was a big help too!  It was nice having the extra set of hands here to get us adjusted to being home.

My cousin from Buffalo called us later in the week to tell us that her son, Eddie was playing in a hockey tournament out here all weekend. We like to try and see him play so we told her when they head out this way to let us know. We offered up our house for them to stay and they took us up on our offer! He had 2 games on Friday, 2 Saturday and 2 on Sunday so they stayed at our house both Friday and Saturday nights.

Saturday morning we went to see his first game. We took both kids and had a great time-Avery really enjoyed watching the game!

I snapped this pic at the end of the game as Eddie was leaving the ice:

And a cute pic of Eddie and Avery (holding his hockey stick) after the game:

We didn't make the afternoon game because Gabe's sister and her family came over to meet Cassandra. They stayed a few hours and when they left, my cousin's were just returning to our house after their second Saturday game.

My cousin brought a plethora of gifts for the kids, including this adorable outfit (the hat courtesy of the hospital):

And I love this pic of Cassandra curled up in a little ball on Gabe:

Saturday night we made a pasta dinner here and the kids had fun playing together. They skyped with my Mom and Aunt to tell them the news on the hockey games:
Sunday morning Gabe and I took the kids to get pictures taken at Penney's and they did a really great job! The kids both cooperated and the pictures came out great!  Unfortunately, we missed my cousin's 2 games on Sunday as well-one was at 8am and the other was while we were having their pictures taken. Since we found out about the games sort of last minute, there wasn't much we could do. We already had plans made (his sister coming by, pics) and the timing just didn't work out. I was a little bummed we couldn't make it to another game, but it was really great spending time with them this weekend. It's been awhile since we've seen my cousin and her kids and I think Eddie and Avery had a blast together! 

Tomorrow is back to reality-no more visitors staying here and a "normal" week-yep, I'll have both kids myself this week! Should be interesting!

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